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Chambers Electrical Contractors - Your East Texas Electricians

Chambers Electrical is a commercial, industrial, and residential electrician company, fully equipped to address all of your electricity-related needs. We've been in the electrician industry for 43 years and we are located locally in Tyler, Texas. We are licensed by the TECL and our extensive experience has helped us establish relationships with customers looking for electrician services throughout the greater East Texas area, including Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville and beyond.

We were established in 2010, by Rickey and Charlotte Chambers with the vision of operating a company with the integrity that they live in their personal lives. Believing that living by example is the best way to encourage their employees to conduct our business with the highest integrity that our customers deserve.

Believing that everyone should be shown respect, not only to our customers, but also to our employees, other contractors and electricians, and the vendors that supply the materials that it takes to bring the architects’ vision and owners dream to life. We strive to furnish our customers the highest quality in workmanship, not just in the items that everyone sees in the finished project, but also the areas that you can’t see. These are the areas that truly make your electrical system work safely and efficiently. We believe these traits make us a good choice for your dependable Tyler, Longview, or East Texas electricians.

The safety of our employees is paramount to us, but safety goes further than just protecting our employees it also protects our customers and all others associated with our projects.

We at Chambers Electrical Contractors want to be your go-to licensed, bonded, and insured local east texas electricians. We're always available to help you with electrical design, installation, and repair – all at a fair and honest price. Whether you need an electrician in Tyler, Longview, or Jacksonville, reach out to us today to learn more about how our skilled electricians can handle all your electrical needs and more.

We proudly provide Electrician services to:

Tyler and Longview and the Jacksonville, Athens and Greater East Texas area.

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